The site is now up. I hope you like it! While it may be a little threadbare at the moment - consisting of little to no posts or actual substance - I will be posting much more over time! And so, a little about what I will be posting over the next few months. I will be starting on my 50th Anniversary Comic series - "Conventions Of Mediocrity", and I will be posting my thoughts on each episode after it airs on the "Review" page, starting with JTTOTT. 
I will also be uploading a number of Doctor Who related artwork, and fiction - as well as a secret project I am working on... If you've been looking at some of my recent comments on Doctor Who TV lately, you may already have an idea as to what it is...
Finally, you may have noticed that on the Home page, there is a "Thought Of The Week" section. Every week I will be posting an insight, thought or question relating to Doctor Who or a related topic. There will be a poll to the right relating to the topic at hand, which you can vote in. Ecah week I will be posting the result of the previous poll, as well as uploading a new one. I hope you participate, and that it provokes a lot of (intelligent) discussion.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the content I post, because I can assure you - I'm going to love creating it!

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