Only a short post, because the rest is going to be posted in the Cosplay Blog - but I've decided what I'm going to do for my Cosplay... and that is - The Clockwork Robot! And as there's 123 days till the 50th Convention, I'm setting myself the 123 day challenge - to make an online blog/diary about the process of my blog and try and update it every day that I can, with at least something, be it a sketch, or an idea. I'll be posting the first post... today, so check it out! :D
So... as it stands - the EARTHBOUND poster is unfinished, I haven't even started writing - let alone written a synopsis for Part 1. I think I'll wait, now and see if any ideas come to me - but for now I've put it on hold.
Also... I've given up on The Gunslinger Cosplay, due to me not starting, procrastinating and then realising that the costume, in hindsight - wasn't the best idea.
However... I'm still going to do a cosplay. I'm undecided as to what it will be as of yet - but I'll hopefully spend time working on it over the holidays. Also, I've been working on a Poster for my ideal Series 8 - which I'll upload very, very soon.
I've also got a bit of Red Dwarf / Doctor Who Artwork coming along - so expect that in addition to the poster.
Unless of course, I end up procrastinating... again...

On a positive note, I've been accepted as a permanent admin on the Facebook Page "Finnick didn't die, the Doctor saved him." which you can find at

Yes, I know... Stop looking at me like that! The head admin is a girl and she came up with the URL, not me! XD


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