Here's the poster I started working on when Peter Capaldi was announced as The Doctor, and if I do say so mysekf - I think it's a definite improvement from my previous one!

Edited in Microsoft Word, then edited further in Pixlr Express, it features Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, and still includes Stephen Mangan as a male companion. In addition to this, the Master is now portrayed by Steve John Shepherd, and also features both The Rani's TARDIS and The Celestial Toymaker (Who, if you look closely - is actually Benedict Cumberbatch) and a Dalek, which I had omitted from my previous poster. The ship above the Logo is in fact an Ice Warrior ship, and a Cyberman can be seen reflected in the TARDIS window, as well as Cybermites crawling over the exterior.

So, what do you think? Is it better than my previous poster? What do you think I could improve about it? And what do you think I should edit next? Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks! 

~The Valeyard's Mime Army


    August 2013
    July 2013



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