Requested by Esterath on the Facebook Page I admin (His prize for winning a quiz) - here's an edit combining Doctor Who and the Space Sitcom Red Dwarf (Edited all together, once again - in Word! XD)
I'm pretty pleased with it overall, but the bit I'm proud of most is the way I've incorporated Jenna! I found exactly the perfect photo, that makes her look like she has her arm round Kryten, while reading his menu! It was just the perfect picture to use! 
Well, I hope you like it, as much as I did editing it together! :D

Link to the picture on the Facebook Page (Finnick didn't die, the Doctor saved him.)
Here is a poster, that I edited together - that basically shows my dream Series 8, with Jason Flemyng as The Doctor, Stephen Mangan as a Companion, David Bowie as The Master, the return of The Sea Devils, The Dream Lord, the introduction of The Trickster, etc... Also, I've sneakily added in my drawing of The Sleep Walker! I know it's not amazing... But it's best that I can achieve in Microsoft Word! 
I hope you like it! Feel free to comment below with any things you'd add, changes you'd make, etc...


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