This is a synopsis for my first Doctor Who Fan Series, called DW: EARTHBOUND. It will feature the return of UNIT and Kate Stewart, as well as... Well, that would be spoiling...
Anyway, I hope you like it, and will be intrigued enough to read the Series itself, when I've started writing it, that is...

The Heart has been ripped out of The TARDIS. The Eye of Harmony has gone, leaving The Ship but an empty shell, and The Doctor and Clara stranded in Earth in the year 2020. The question is, how? How do you steal a burning star, on the verge of becoming a black hole, from the depths of an infinite Time Machine? What being could possibly have the power to do something like that? And why? Before The Doctor can act on the situation, he is picked up by UNIT, and informed that a number of seemingly unrelated disappearances have occurred around Britain, all in the same month. The Doctor, Clara and Kate Stewart are all sent to one of these locations to investigate, but soon it becomes apparent that these disappearances aren't as random as they thought. In fact, the truth is more horrifying than they could ever imagine...

Well, there you go. The Synopsis for Part 1 will be up soon!
5/31/2013 03:43:40 am

Sounds great!

5/31/2013 03:59:25 am

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the Series!

5/31/2013 05:02:24 am

Sound excellent! It's certainly an interesting idea, and I'd love to see how you carry it out.

5/31/2013 05:15:08 am

Thanks! It's a 50th Anniversary Story, set between the events of Journey and Crimson, and will be featuring more than one nod to the past. There is also a massive twist leading into the finale, which I doubt many will be expecting. Well, you may be - but I'll try and not make it obvious.

5/31/2013 05:09:20 am

It's Brilliant well done. Can't wait for the next part. :)

5/31/2013 05:17:34 am

Next Part? Don't you mean first part? This is only the synopsis! XD
Part 1 is coming soon, though, but I need to think of a title.

6/1/2013 03:49:17 pm

stuck worls as title.

5/31/2013 08:22:27 am


Doctor Makinski
10/8/2016 05:42:14 pm

OI!! You can't just put that up and not say anything for two years. Some of us would like to read it.


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