So, two days in one, as I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry, I was quite busy... :S

Anyway, That doesn't matter - I've actually found some shoes online... And I've actually bought something! More on the latter later though...

Firstly, I spent a few hours searching non stop online for some shoes, that have a similar buckle and tongue style to the one in the costume. The actual buckle isn't exact, and is much squarer than the one in the picture, but I can always buy a rounder buckle to replace it. 
And now, on to the even more exciting part...
I actually bought something for the project! Finally! And the thing I bought was some Milliput Moulding Putty, which I'll be using to make the mask, and a sculpting tool with which I'll be carving out the details. So, after all that, I've actually purchased something. 'Tis only a small step, but is still a step nonetheless towards completing this cosplay!

(I also today had a look round some charity shops for a coat, still no success, sadly - It's looking like online is going to be my best bet!)
Today was basically comprised of online shopping and research...
I managed to narrow down even further the type of coat it is, and as it turns out, it isn't a tailcoat...
It is in fact an 18th Century Frock coat. Because of this, I managed to narrow down the actual search further. As of yet, I haven't been able to find anything, but now I know what I'm looking for, the search will indeed be much easier.

I also had a short look for shoes, and I also managed to find a few pairs of shoes that looked similar to the shoes in the picture. 

Well, that's pretty much it for today, I know it's been a short post but I didn't really have much to say...

So, if anyone can find an 18th Century Frock Coat, that looks like the one in the picture I posted a few days ago - a link posted in the comments below would be much appreciated.
Yeah, I didn't make much progress today - I did look a bit for some shoes - but apart from that, no progress was made. There was a reason for this, however...

Firstly, I was out at 10 in the morning to go and see The Wolverine at the cinema, which was good. And the reason I was out so early was because later I had a party to attend! Which I attended dressed as a Silent. The party itself involved Karaoke... So, basically - Imagine a Silent at a party, singing karaoke and dancing to cheesy 80's pop songs. That was pretty much me this afternoon.

Anyway, on to something else. Well, back to something else. Back to the matter of shoes. I couldn't find any, but you may be able to - so if you find any shoes online that look like these, either with or without a buckle, post a link in the comments either in Weebly below or Disqus to the right! :D Your help would be much appreciated!
(Also, I may update with this from pictures from the party - so keep yer eyes peeled! XD)
Shopping! Woo! 
Yeah, so today I went shopping at a local Novelty Shop called U Need Us... And while the spelling makes me cringe beyond belief, there is a redeeming feature...
They had a wig! In fact, it was one of the wigs I posted yesterday. However, it wasn't one that anyone mentioned as the closest looking. However, I'm going to buy it anyway - and see how it looks, then if a better one comes up - I'll get that one. It's quite cheap, so it's not that bad... I'll upload a picture of it when I get it (they had to order one in because that colour was out of stock) so you can see for yourselves how it matches up.

If you were wondering which wig it was - this is it:
So, what to do next? Well, I'm planning on making the mask soon, and will be uploading my progress on it, as well as detailing the making process! I'll also be searching even more charity shops in search of clothes for me to use for the costume! Wish me luck! "Don't tell me what to wish Ron!"
I've managed to compile a basic list of all the things I need for this cosplay, which will hopefully help me stay organised and on track. As it stands, I need to purchase:

  • A long black/dark blue coat or tailcoat.
  • A black/dark blue waistcoat.
  • Black velvet trousers.
  • Black shoes with large buckles.
  • A plain mask base.
  • Milliput moulding putty.
  • Lace fabric for the jabot necktie.
  • White fabric for the stockings and the necktie/bow.
  • Thick gold braid.
  • Medium gold braid.
  • Thin gold and red braid.
  • Red fabric for sleeves.
  • 24x large gold buttons.
  • Smaller gold buttons (Amount unknown).
  • Long curly dark grey wig (May have to get black).
  • Ageing and cracking varnishes.

I'd like to thank Esterath and TheThirdDevil for giving me the links to those wigs, it's very much appreciated. 
Now, here's a question for you - which of these wigs would you say looks closest to the one in the episode? This is really important, as I'd like another person's opinion on it!
(Also, if you can find another wig that looks close, it would be really appreciated if you linked it for me.)
Thanks! :D
The Wig from the Episode
...or else I'm going to run out of things to talk about! Seriously, I could barely think of anything to say! However, I managed to think of something in the end. Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this entry! 

I managed to find a coat I could use for the Jacket, and I'll keep searching through charity shops as well. I've also worked out how to overcome the issue of breast pockets... that being - there isn't an issue. I can simply decorate around it. It would be better if there wasn't one, but if needs be, it'll have to stay!

Also, today I did quite a lot of searching for a wig. The problem is, in the episode, it's hard to make out what colour the wig actually is. At some points it looks brown, others back, others grey... I eventually found a picture of it in normal lighting and it indeed looks a dark grey. So, I set off in search of wigs. This is the closest one I could find. It's black, but it looks a little grey in areas...  How do you think it matches up?


If any of you can find a wig that looks closer to the one in the episode - please tell me, either in the Disqus comments to the right, the Weebly comments below, or via the Contact form! Your help would be much appreciated! 
Well... Today did not go well.
My search for a coat was unsuccessful, as was my search for materials. However, I'll keep looking, and I've got online as well - so I'll stay diligent about that, at least...
However, I've been thinking about the Jacket, and the way it tapers off at the back, but not curved - actually at a point. I've tried looking at tailcoats, but none of them look right. And they all have breast pockets... which would make it much harder to decorate. Then, if I want to just adapt a coat by folding or cutting the middle to taper it off like that - I face the problem of Pockets getting in the way... So right now, I'm stuck. Stuckity stuck stuck stuck face from Stucktown, Stuckania. Still, I'll stay in hope that I'll think of something, and if I don't - I could always do a different Clockwork Robot instead! 

Or, I could just go with the waistcoat. I mean, the costume doesn't have to be exact as long as it's close. 
But if anyone can find a jacket online that looks like this, with the tapered look at the back - but also the corners, or at least a jacket or coat than can be altered to look like that, please link it below. Please...

I've done quite a lot today... Well, I say quite a lot - I've spent the entire day on the Computer. But I have done a lot of research on eBay, looking for things to decorate the Jacket and Waistcoat.
So, I've spent nearly all day trawling through eBay looking for two things - Gold Brain, and Golden buttons, which are both present on the costume. The thing is, the decorations and patterns are quite specific, and I'd like to get as close to the actual costume as possible. I manage to find a lot of potential decorations - but none that matched exactly. However, I made note of them in my journal, and saved them as bookmarks. I'll keep looking, though. Also, there's a Fabric Shop near where I live, so I'll be looking there as well, for materials and such.

I'm planning tomorrow to go out and look not only at that shop, but also in charity shops around my area to see if I can find any old black/dark blue coats and waistcoats, as well as looking in wig and costume up shops to see if they have any wigs I could use.

Anyway, here's the page from my journal containing pictures of the products I found on eBay - and also the dilemma I face if these are the only two buttons I can find... Do I go by accuracy in shape and design, or accuracy in colour? If you have anything to say on the matter - comment below or use the Disqus in the Blog Sidebar to comment (I don't suggest you reply to comments though - unless you tag them in a comment, as comments will quickly become more and more cramped!) 

So... Day 3... that's 3 down, only 120 to go... XD
I's only day two and I've made a suitable amount of progress! As of yet, I have gathered information about what I'll be using for a number of processes as well as some research done into what sort of products I may use.
I've also decided to keep a Cosplay Journal, into which I'll make notes on what I need to do, sketch out ideas and keep track of things. I'll post any major pages on here. 
I also found on eBay a number of wigs I may use. However I've been unable to find one of exactly the right colour so far - but I'll keep looking! I also found online a way to achieve the cracked, aged look that the masks have, and the products I need to create that effect. 
Finally, I did some research on types of necktie, and managed to narrow down the type the Clockwork Robot wears. I found out that it was in fact a slightly thinner, altered version of a lace Jabot. But more about that at a later date.
Finally, I dug out my old Clockwork Robot action figure, so I could take a look at some of the elements of the Costume from angles I can't find online. Not in detail, of course - but enough to get a general idea.

Anyway - here are some scans of my Journal. Yes, I apologise for the almost illegible handwriting in some ares, but I was writing on my knee - and the book's cover isn't very flat - so my handwriting sort of went everywhere. If there's anything you want me to decipher - just comment below and I'll try to help! XD 

So... Here we are then, at the start of what I could very well describe as a journey. To get things started - an introduction. Basically, this diary/blog has two purposes:

1. To show the progress of my Cosplay.

2. To help keep me focused and on track. The thing about Cosplay is that it takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort. And I'm the kind of person who easily procrastinates and gets sidetracked. Hopefully this blog will help me keep on track, and not give up.

I'll try to make a post every day that I can, and try to at least make a little progress each day.

So far, I've looked at some images for reference (as well as ask some others to help me gather images) and looked online for some wigs, which as of yet has been unsucessful.

Anyway, until tomorrow!



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