I was so close to getting it done! The mask is made, the waistcoat and coat are sewn together, the shoes are bought... but the decoration isn't finished, and I've barely started on the trousers. So, alas - it wont be finished in time for the Convention.

But all is not lost.

I will remain diligent, and attempt to get it finished in time for the next Convention I go to. I WILL get it finished, even if not in time for tomorrow. So, yeah - short post, but just to outline my situation.

I'll be uploading some photos of my progress so far to the site on Monday, but apart from that, the 123 Day Cosplay Blog has come... to an end. 
As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted anything in a while. 35 Days to be exact. Why?
Because... Schoolwork and procrastination and all that stuff... So, the question arises, what HAVE I done in this time?

The answer...

Well, not as much as I'd have hoped, to be honest.

I've got a wig, at last! It's black, not grey - but I'll be able to powder it (somehow) to make it look closer.

I've ordered some more Miliput to work on the mask, as well as some braid for the coat.

I've also started work on the mask itself. I wanted to start out by using the half finished base I'd made for the mask before, to shape the plastic face mask I bought last month, by pressing it down over, and Gluing another face mask over the top, holding it in place. I tried it first with PVA Glue... It didn't work. The glue refused to dry. So I tried using Super Glue - it stuck, but the shape didn't hold.

I then tried sandwiching paper mache between the two masks I'd stuck together, and a spare one I had...
...it failed. Once again, it refused to dry... So I decided to leave one mask on the form, and to paper mache over the top - and let it dry. Then, if the shape holds, Superglue the other two masks on top. If not, i'll just have to make do with the shape I have. It hasn't fully dried yet, but it's getting there. I'll check it in the morning, and if necessary, add a layer or two more on top.

I also trimmed down the masks to match the edge shape and size of the Robot's Mask, but I still need to trim down the top.

After all this is finished, I'll start working on top of the mask with Miliput, as well as finding some paint. The second batch of putty should arrive next week (Saturday, IIRC). Also, I've bid on some varnishes on eBay, so I may get those in as well by next week!

So, from here... What does that leave me to do?

Find some shoes - I've already found a pair I could use online, but I'll keep looking.
Finish the mask - I need to wait for the Miliput to come, and to buy some paint, but I'm making progress.
The Coat/Waistcoat, and possibly the trousers - I have the pattern, and I've ordered some Braiding. I'll need to take some measurements and get some fabric, and I'll be able to start. I'll probably take the measurements next week, but I may leave the actual making till Half-Term... I don't know. I'll see how much time I have. 

So... I have under 2 months to finish the costume... Will I get it done in time? I guess only time will tell...

Well... It's finally arrived! My pattern has finally arrived in the post! And it's fantastic, except for one small detail...
I have no idea where the size chart is.
You see, there is a size chart of some sort on the flap of the packet, but it seems to relate much more to choosing which size rage of pattern to choose, rather than fitting the pattern itself. 
Considering that the pattern contains trousers, and a hat... surely, if it related to fitting, it would include sizings for them as well?
Have I missed something? Is it missing from the pattern? Argh, I'm so confused. Also, when I actually have the measurements... that is, if I've found the pattern - how do I tell which measurements apply to which piece within the pattern? If I take, say - a chest measurement, how do I know which pieces I need that measurement for? Are they labelled? Is there an indicator of some kind? HELP! XD

Anyway, on a more positive note... I've abandoned the process I was using to make the mask. How is that positive, you may ask? Well... That comes down to why I abandoned it...
The reason being that I found a plain white mask to alter! And it's perfect!

Indeed, now I won't have to build up the shape of the face myself (which has a high risk of going wrong), and I can just build upon a plain face myself. The only issue I could face is that the mask is flexible - the moulding putty I'm using, however, is not. Therefore... if the putty dries and goes rock solid, and then the ask bends or flexes, the putty could snap or break off... So I may need to find either a way of reinforcing the mask or a more flexible putty. 

Anyway, I'm both confused, concerned and ecstatic... So... Here it goes then. It's all beginning to start falling into place... And I still have almost 3 months left. I actually think I'm going to do this! :D

(Here are pictures of the pattern packaging, the size chart on the flap...
As well as a picture of me...

In the mask. :P)
Anyway, if you have any answers to my questions, about both the Pattern or the Mask... Please answer in the comments either below with Weebly or in the Blog Sidebar with Disqus! Many thanks! :D
Right, well I've finally bought the sewing pattern... According to the website, when buying a pattern that includes a coat, you should buy a size that is relative to your chest measurements, which for me was 39 inches. Therefore, I had to buy the size slightly above, which was 40 inches, which I imagine will suffice. So, it's been ordered... So I decided to do a little research on fitting... And my word was I left confused. Information was being thrown at me left, right and centre, with jargon in great abundance. 

Something I'm confused about, is fitting. How do you decide which sized pieces you're going to use and cut out, and what if some of them are different sizes, say - one is a 5 (random number) and one is a 6? I did find an article on this... but once again - information left, right and centre, jargon everywhere. So, if anyone can shed ome light on what you do when you've got your pattern, and need to decide on sizes (i.e. what measurements to take, how to use them, how to test that they're right etc.) then please leave a response in the comments!

So... that's about it for this post. Hopefully I can get my head around this before the pattern arrives or else I may never even get it started! XD
Just a quick update here. Well, I say quick. It may not be, depending on how things pan out and how much I have to say...

I've decided to give up on the Cosplay. I know I still have time left... lot's of time, but I've got school coming up and I'm worried that this may take up time I could and should instead spend on homework and revision and the like. I haven't made as much progress as I had planned, and I'm unlikely to get it finished, either. So, I think it's for the best. I would give anything to have the time to get it done, but time is precious and I can't waste it on this costume when there are more important things I need to focus on. It's a shame, I know, but for my own sake, it has to be done... 


For trolling you all...

Nah, just kidding. (Trololololo) I'm not giving up yet! I've barely even started! XD
Anyway, on to the real point of this post. I'm planning on ordering this Sewing Pattern: http://butterick.mccall.com/b3072-products-180.php

It contains both a Jacket, Short Trousers and a Waistcoat. However...

Both the Jacket and The Waistcoat are different from the actual costume in the show. I could just make them like they are... but that would be far too easy.

Basically, I'll have to alter the pattern to fit my needs. That will likely include removing the flaps at the back of the coat, altering the chest area so that it meets in the middle, taking the sides in a bit to that they stop further back than the pattern demonstrates, and alter the neckline, as well as removing the collar. I may also have to move the pockets slightly back to account for these alterations.

On the waistcoat, all I'll need to do is alter the neckline, alter the bottom, and make it a bit shorter - and bingo.

All this may sound nigh on impossible, however, I can imagine it may actually be fairly easy to do.
All I need to do is resize and shape the pattern I'm given, and test it out with paper (either on my body, or a mannequin-thing (Lady De Temps - this is where some assistance may be necessary)) and adjusting it till it fits and looks right. All I need to do now is work out which size pattern I need to get...

Until tomorrow, wher hopefully I will have ordered something! *Fingers Crossed*

Right - well I've decided that I need to compile a list of things I'll need to buy, just so I can organise myself more adequately. As I buy things I'll re-post the list, until I've bought everything that I need to. If anyone can help me find some of the things on the list, please feel free to post it in the comments below, to the side, or send it in via the contact form!
  • Dark Blue, Red, White and Gold Acryic Paints.
  • Ageing and Cracking Varnish.
  • (Possibly a Plain White Face Mask.)
  • Dark Grey Curly Wig
Coat and Waistcoat:
  • Jacket Sewing Pattern.
  • Wasitcoat Sewing Pattern.
  • Dark Blue/Black Fabric.
  • Thick Gold Braid.
  • Thin Gold/Red Braids.
  • 26+ Large Gold Buttons.
  • Lesser amount of slightly smaller gold buttons for Waistcoat.
  • Red Fabric for sleeves. 
Trousers, Stockings and Shoes:
  • Short 18th Century Style Black Velvet Trousers OR 18th Century Trousers Sewing Pattern + Black Velvet Material.
  • White 18th Century Stockings.
  • Gold Braid for Top of Stockings.
  • Black Leather 18th Century style shoes with Circular Buckles and large(ish) tongues.
  • Lace Material.
  • White fabric to tie round neck.
Also, I think I may have to re-do, or have to at least build upon the mask - as it is neither the right size nor shape to be faithful to the mask in the show. Anyway, apart from that, I have nothing to say. Apart from once again saying: If you can find anything I can use for this project, please either post it in the comments below, the comments to the right, or send it in via the Contact Form on the Contact page. Many thanks! 
Not only have I decided to make the coat from scratch, but I've now decided to make the mask from scratch as well. So, rather than build on top of an already made plastic or paper mache base, I'll make the base myself. "How?", I hear you ask... Well...

I started out by roughly measuring the size of my face, from my chin to my hairline, and drew out the rough size and shape on a piece of A4 Paper. After scanning it in, and fitting the image to an A4 page on Word, I inserted a picture of the Mask I was basing mine off, and sized it to fit over my face. I printed it off, and drew around it onto cardboard. From there, I added other, vertical cardboard at the top to give it the initial shape, and worked from there, building up the basic shape with scrunched up newspaper, sticking it down and making the surface smooth with sellotape . Tomorrow, after finishing building up the shape, I will cover it in clingfilm, and layer paper mache over the top, until it is stable.

The rest of the process... I shall cover later. I mean, I want to have something to talk about tomorrow! XD

Also, it seems that yesterday some people misunderstood my request. I was not asking for a coat to be found, but in fact a sewing pattern that could be used to make a coat. Sorry of anyone misunderstood or was confused by my intentions. However, if you still wish to help me, you could still look for sewing patterns. Any help at all, as I said yesterday - would be much appreciated! 
Excuse the horrid joke. This is an important post, and there's no time for jokes.

It's just not punny. Geddit? Puns? Punny? Funny?
*Crowd boos and throws rotten tomatoes*

Anyway, jokes aside, this is actually quite an important post. Because I've decided, emphatically... that I'm going to make the coat from scratch. It'll be a challenge, definitely. But I'm more likely to get it done in time. If you think about it - I can simply find a pattern and modify it, and make it from scratch - which will take around 1-3 weeks, which will allow me to make it exactly how I want it, with the right fabric, colour, size, and so forth.. On the other hand, I could spend ages looking for a coat roughly the colour and shape, and alter it so it looks a bit like it, but not 100%, with i probably having the pockets too near the edge and a breast pocket. That is, if I even find a coat I can use. 

Therefore, the best option definitely seems to be making it from scratch, wither with a bought pattern, or one I've created myself.

So, here's the coat I'm planning to make. You should know what it looks like by now, but I'll remind you anyway:
I've found a few patterns I could alter, but I haven't found any that are the same style and shape as this. (Decoration doesn't matter when it comes to sewing patterns, it's just the shape and style) - And while making my own would be possible, it would also be very hard, so I would really appreciate it of you helped me,  by having a search of your own. 

If you can find any patterns that look like this, or at least are similar and could be altered, please link them either in the Weebly comments below or the Disqus comments to the side (The latter would be preferable). Anyone who helps, and has helped so far will get their name written or inscribed somewhere on the costume, as well as my eternal gratitude. So, please have a look, see if you can spot any patterns that I haven't. Many thanks! :D
...and barely any progress is made. And nothing posted. This... is beginning to worry me. The last project I worked on, one of Ryuk from Death note - I ended up giving up. And I'd actually made more progress in 25 days than I have here. So I'm definitely beginning to worry that I wont get this done on time, which would be a horrid shame.

The thing is, I've been getting sidetracked, losing focus - the thing this was supposed to help me avoid. But because I haven't been posting on this, I've let myself fall behind, despite saying in the last post that I'd get back on track.

However, I'm definitely going to improve now. I feel a lot more enthusiastic now (on top of being a tad worried), unlike I have been for the last few weeks, so I'll definitely be getting back on track. In addition, this is only 25 days out of 123, so I still have just under 100 days left. I'm still facing issues with the coat, but I'll be focusing mainly on the mask now, so that if I can't find a coat, I cab change my idea to be based on a different one of the Robots.

What I have done, no matter how minute it may be - is visit Hobbycraft to see if they have any plain white masks - they do, but they don't have any big enough, and looked online - but it appears there aren't any available that are the right size and up to the standards I need. So I may have to make one myself.

I also found a pair of fake buckles, with large tongues, attached to some elastic while clearing out my bedroom, which I can easily fit round a pair of normal black shoes. So if I don't get any shoes, I can just use those instead.

So, yeah - a bit nervous, but also a bit more enthusiastic at the same time, I'm pretty sure I'll get back on track. I'll try to get back to working on it a bit every day I can, and posting every day (which I will actually keep to, unlike this week) - So yeah. Time to get back on track! :D
First, an apology.


Okay, there we go.. Oh, okay. Right, Sorry for the delay. The week long delay. However, I do have an explanation. I was away, staying with my Nan for a week. I did have access to my laptop, and I made a post on the first night there - but the rest of the time I was too busy to post anything, let alone make any progress worthy to post here.

Except for one thing.

I bought some Milliput Moulding Putty, which I may or may not have mentioned in my previous post. If I have, sorry - if I haven't - I'm using it to make the mask. I'm going to buy a plain white paper mache mask, and resize it accordingly.

I left a bit out to dry, and it dries rock hard - which is perfect for this mask making.

So, tomorrow I'm hoping to go out and buy the mask base! :D

On a less positive note - I bought a wig. Well, I say I... I sent my mum out to buy a wig, because she was going out to town and I couldn't be bothered to get up (yes, I'm a complete and utter lazy arse) and... She bought the wrong one. Well, either that, or she bought the right one, but the right one was the wrong one. If that makes any sense. I doubt it does, but oh well. Life goes on. England Prevails. (Yes, I read V for Vendetta and I've been quoting it everywhere. Deal with it!) So, to conclude this post: Sorry I haven't uploaded any blog posts in a while - I'll get back to my daily blogs again starting tomorrow! *Non existent crowd cheers in delight.*


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