...or else I'm going to run out of things to talk about! Seriously, I could barely think of anything to say! However, I managed to think of something in the end. Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this entry! 

I managed to find a coat I could use for the Jacket, and I'll keep searching through charity shops as well. I've also worked out how to overcome the issue of breast pockets... that being - there isn't an issue. I can simply decorate around it. It would be better if there wasn't one, but if needs be, it'll have to stay!

Also, today I did quite a lot of searching for a wig. The problem is, in the episode, it's hard to make out what colour the wig actually is. At some points it looks brown, others back, others grey... I eventually found a picture of it in normal lighting and it indeed looks a dark grey. So, I set off in search of wigs. This is the closest one I could find. It's black, but it looks a little grey in areas...  How do you think it matches up?


If any of you can find a wig that looks closer to the one in the episode - please tell me, either in the Disqus comments to the right, the Weebly comments below, or via the Contact form! Your help would be much appreciated! 

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