I was so close to getting it done! The mask is made, the waistcoat and coat are sewn together, the shoes are bought... but the decoration isn't finished, and I've barely started on the trousers. So, alas - it wont be finished in time for the Convention.

But all is not lost.

I will remain diligent, and attempt to get it finished in time for the next Convention I go to. I WILL get it finished, even if not in time for tomorrow. So, yeah - short post, but just to outline my situation.

I'll be uploading some photos of my progress so far to the site on Monday, but apart from that, the 123 Day Cosplay Blog has come... to an end. 

11/24/2013 2:28pm

Sorry to hear you didn't finish it in time. But would love to see the finished article when you do finish it.
Did you have a plan B cosplay to wear? How did you enjoy the day?
I put my pics and thoughts up on my blog.


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