As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted anything in a while. 35 Days to be exact. Why?
Because... Schoolwork and procrastination and all that stuff... So, the question arises, what HAVE I done in this time?

The answer...

Well, not as much as I'd have hoped, to be honest.

I've got a wig, at last! It's black, not grey - but I'll be able to powder it (somehow) to make it look closer.

I've ordered some more Miliput to work on the mask, as well as some braid for the coat.

I've also started work on the mask itself. I wanted to start out by using the half finished base I'd made for the mask before, to shape the plastic face mask I bought last month, by pressing it down over, and Gluing another face mask over the top, holding it in place. I tried it first with PVA Glue... It didn't work. The glue refused to dry. So I tried using Super Glue - it stuck, but the shape didn't hold.

I then tried sandwiching paper mache between the two masks I'd stuck together, and a spare one I had... failed. Once again, it refused to dry... So I decided to leave one mask on the form, and to paper mache over the top - and let it dry. Then, if the shape holds, Superglue the other two masks on top. If not, i'll just have to make do with the shape I have. It hasn't fully dried yet, but it's getting there. I'll check it in the morning, and if necessary, add a layer or two more on top.

I also trimmed down the masks to match the edge shape and size of the Robot's Mask, but I still need to trim down the top.

After all this is finished, I'll start working on top of the mask with Miliput, as well as finding some paint. The second batch of putty should arrive next week (Saturday, IIRC). Also, I've bid on some varnishes on eBay, so I may get those in as well by next week!

So, from here... What does that leave me to do?

Find some shoes - I've already found a pair I could use online, but I'll keep looking.
Finish the mask - I need to wait for the Miliput to come, and to buy some paint, but I'm making progress.
The Coat/Waistcoat, and possibly the trousers - I have the pattern, and I've ordered some Braiding. I'll need to take some measurements and get some fabric, and I'll be able to start. I'll probably take the measurements next week, but I may leave the actual making till Half-Term... I don't know. I'll see how much time I have. 

So... I have under 2 months to finish the costume... Will I get it done in time? I guess only time will tell...


10/18/2013 8:43am

Hmm...not sure what you are trying to do with the mask...

I too am realising times getting short...need to get moving with my outfit. Which means last min changes.

~The Valeyard's Mime Army
10/19/2013 5:32am

Basically, I'm trying to get the mask closer to the shape seen in the show - to that end, I'm shaping one over a form, then covering it with paper mache to make it hold that shape. I'll then stick the other mask over the top to give a smooth surface to work on. ⌒.⌒

10/31/2013 2:21am

hey if you have costume problems pop over to and let me know.


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