...and barely any progress is made. And nothing posted. This... is beginning to worry me. The last project I worked on, one of Ryuk from Death note - I ended up giving up. And I'd actually made more progress in 25 days than I have here. So I'm definitely beginning to worry that I wont get this done on time, which would be a horrid shame.

The thing is, I've been getting sidetracked, losing focus - the thing this was supposed to help me avoid. But because I haven't been posting on this, I've let myself fall behind, despite saying in the last post that I'd get back on track.

However, I'm definitely going to improve now. I feel a lot more enthusiastic now (on top of being a tad worried), unlike I have been for the last few weeks, so I'll definitely be getting back on track. In addition, this is only 25 days out of 123, so I still have just under 100 days left. I'm still facing issues with the coat, but I'll be focusing mainly on the mask now, so that if I can't find a coat, I cab change my idea to be based on a different one of the Robots.

What I have done, no matter how minute it may be - is visit Hobbycraft to see if they have any plain white masks - they do, but they don't have any big enough, and looked online - but it appears there aren't any available that are the right size and up to the standards I need. So I may have to make one myself.

I also found a pair of fake buckles, with large tongues, attached to some elastic while clearing out my bedroom, which I can easily fit round a pair of normal black shoes. So if I don't get any shoes, I can just use those instead.

So, yeah - a bit nervous, but also a bit more enthusiastic at the same time, I'm pretty sure I'll get back on track. I'll try to get back to working on it a bit every day I can, and posting every day (which I will actually keep to, unlike this week) - So yeah. Time to get back on track! :D


08/20/2013 7:48am

You can use plaster of paris bandages to make the masks. We did at jnr school once. you use vasaline to stop it sticking to your face (keep hair well out of the way. Then layer it on. Or balaclava and use gummed brown paper tape to make a paper mache one (I used that technique to make a tailors dummy before.)


I did consider doing that, but of you look at some of the more recent posts - I've found a simpler, less time consuming method. However, if it goes wrong (which it may do) - I could consider this method.


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