First, an apology.


Okay, there we go.. Oh, okay. Right, Sorry for the delay. The week long delay. However, I do have an explanation. I was away, staying with my Nan for a week. I did have access to my laptop, and I made a post on the first night there - but the rest of the time I was too busy to post anything, let alone make any progress worthy to post here.

Except for one thing.

I bought some Milliput Moulding Putty, which I may or may not have mentioned in my previous post. If I have, sorry - if I haven't - I'm using it to make the mask. I'm going to buy a plain white paper mache mask, and resize it accordingly.

I left a bit out to dry, and it dries rock hard - which is perfect for this mask making.

So, tomorrow I'm hoping to go out and buy the mask base! :D

On a less positive note - I bought a wig. Well, I say I... I sent my mum out to buy a wig, because she was going out to town and I couldn't be bothered to get up (yes, I'm a complete and utter lazy arse) and... She bought the wrong one. Well, either that, or she bought the right one, but the right one was the wrong one. If that makes any sense. I doubt it does, but oh well. Life goes on. England Prevails. (Yes, I read V for Vendetta and I've been quoting it everywhere. Deal with it!) So, to conclude this post: Sorry I haven't uploaded any blog posts in a while - I'll get back to my daily blogs again starting tomorrow! *Non existent crowd cheers in delight.*


08/10/2013 2:55pm



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