Today was basically comprised of online shopping and research...
I managed to narrow down even further the type of coat it is, and as it turns out, it isn't a tailcoat...
It is in fact an 18th Century Frock coat. Because of this, I managed to narrow down the actual search further. As of yet, I haven't been able to find anything, but now I know what I'm looking for, the search will indeed be much easier.

I also had a short look for shoes, and I also managed to find a few pairs of shoes that looked similar to the shoes in the picture. 

Well, that's pretty much it for today, I know it's been a short post but I didn't really have much to say...

So, if anyone can find an 18th Century Frock Coat, that looks like the one in the picture I posted a few days ago - a link posted in the comments below would be much appreciated.

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