Yeah, I didn't make much progress today - I did look a bit for some shoes - but apart from that, no progress was made. There was a reason for this, however...

Firstly, I was out at 10 in the morning to go and see The Wolverine at the cinema, which was good. And the reason I was out so early was because later I had a party to attend! Which I attended dressed as a Silent. The party itself involved Karaoke... So, basically - Imagine a Silent at a party, singing karaoke and dancing to cheesy 80's pop songs. That was pretty much me this afternoon.

Anyway, on to something else. Well, back to something else. Back to the matter of shoes. I couldn't find any, but you may be able to - so if you find any shoes online that look like these, either with or without a buckle, post a link in the comments either in Weebly below or Disqus to the right! :D Your help would be much appreciated!
(Also, I may update with this from pictures from the party - so keep yer eyes peeled! XD)

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