Shopping! Woo! 
Yeah, so today I went shopping at a local Novelty Shop called U Need Us... And while the spelling makes me cringe beyond belief, there is a redeeming feature...
They had a wig! In fact, it was one of the wigs I posted yesterday. However, it wasn't one that anyone mentioned as the closest looking. However, I'm going to buy it anyway - and see how it looks, then if a better one comes up - I'll get that one. It's quite cheap, so it's not that bad... I'll upload a picture of it when I get it (they had to order one in because that colour was out of stock) so you can see for yourselves how it matches up.

If you were wondering which wig it was - this is it:
So, what to do next? Well, I'm planning on making the mask soon, and will be uploading my progress on it, as well as detailing the making process! I'll also be searching even more charity shops in search of clothes for me to use for the costume! Wish me luck! "Don't tell me what to wish Ron!"

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