I've managed to compile a basic list of all the things I need for this cosplay, which will hopefully help me stay organised and on track. As it stands, I need to purchase:

  • A long black/dark blue coat or tailcoat.
  • A black/dark blue waistcoat.
  • Black velvet trousers.
  • Black shoes with large buckles.
  • A plain mask base.
  • Milliput moulding putty.
  • Lace fabric for the jabot necktie.
  • White fabric for the stockings and the necktie/bow.
  • Thick gold braid.
  • Medium gold braid.
  • Thin gold and red braid.
  • Red fabric for sleeves.
  • 24x large gold buttons.
  • Smaller gold buttons (Amount unknown).
  • Long curly dark grey wig (May have to get black).
  • Ageing and cracking varnishes.

I'd like to thank Esterath and TheThirdDevil for giving me the links to those wigs, it's very much appreciated. 
Now, here's a question for you - which of these wigs would you say looks closest to the one in the episode? This is really important, as I'd like another person's opinion on it!
(Also, if you can find another wig that looks close, it would be really appreciated if you linked it for me.)
Thanks! :D
The Wig from the Episode

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