Well... Today did not go well.
My search for a coat was unsuccessful, as was my search for materials. However, I'll keep looking, and I've got online as well - so I'll stay diligent about that, at least...
However, I've been thinking about the Jacket, and the way it tapers off at the back, but not curved - actually at a point. I've tried looking at tailcoats, but none of them look right. And they all have breast pockets... which would make it much harder to decorate. Then, if I want to just adapt a coat by folding or cutting the middle to taper it off like that - I face the problem of Pockets getting in the way... So right now, I'm stuck. Stuckity stuck stuck stuck face from Stucktown, Stuckania. Still, I'll stay in hope that I'll think of something, and if I don't - I could always do a different Clockwork Robot instead! 

Or, I could just go with the waistcoat. I mean, the costume doesn't have to be exact as long as it's close. 
But if anyone can find a jacket online that looks like this, with the tapered look at the back - but also the corners, or at least a jacket or coat than can be altered to look like that, please link it below. Please...


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