I've done quite a lot today... Well, I say quite a lot - I've spent the entire day on the Computer. But I have done a lot of research on eBay, looking for things to decorate the Jacket and Waistcoat.
So, I've spent nearly all day trawling through eBay looking for two things - Gold Brain, and Golden buttons, which are both present on the costume. The thing is, the decorations and patterns are quite specific, and I'd like to get as close to the actual costume as possible. I manage to find a lot of potential decorations - but none that matched exactly. However, I made note of them in my journal, and saved them as bookmarks. I'll keep looking, though. Also, there's a Fabric Shop near where I live, so I'll be looking there as well, for materials and such.

I'm planning tomorrow to go out and look not only at that shop, but also in charity shops around my area to see if I can find any old black/dark blue coats and waistcoats, as well as looking in wig and costume up shops to see if they have any wigs I could use.

Anyway, here's the page from my journal containing pictures of the products I found on eBay - and also the dilemma I face if these are the only two buttons I can find... Do I go by accuracy in shape and design, or accuracy in colour? If you have anything to say on the matter - comment below or use the Disqus in the Blog Sidebar to comment (I don't suggest you reply to comments though - unless you tag them in a comment, as comments will quickly become more and more cramped!) 

So... Day 3... that's 3 down, only 120 to go... XD


07/26/2013 12:36pm

I'd go by accuracy in colour.


Yeah, you're probably right. I'll keep looking though to see if I can find anything that fits the bill on both accounts. However, the one that's closer in colour looks fairly close to the one in the picture anyway, from a distance at least.


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