Excuse the horrid joke. This is an important post, and there's no time for jokes.

It's just not punny. Geddit? Puns? Punny? Funny?
*Crowd boos and throws rotten tomatoes*

Anyway, jokes aside, this is actually quite an important post. Because I've decided, emphatically... that I'm going to make the coat from scratch. It'll be a challenge, definitely. But I'm more likely to get it done in time. If you think about it - I can simply find a pattern and modify it, and make it from scratch - which will take around 1-3 weeks, which will allow me to make it exactly how I want it, with the right fabric, colour, size, and so forth.. On the other hand, I could spend ages looking for a coat roughly the colour and shape, and alter it so it looks a bit like it, but not 100%, with i probably having the pockets too near the edge and a breast pocket. That is, if I even find a coat I can use. 

Therefore, the best option definitely seems to be making it from scratch, wither with a bought pattern, or one I've created myself.

So, here's the coat I'm planning to make. You should know what it looks like by now, but I'll remind you anyway:
I've found a few patterns I could alter, but I haven't found any that are the same style and shape as this. (Decoration doesn't matter when it comes to sewing patterns, it's just the shape and style) - And while making my own would be possible, it would also be very hard, so I would really appreciate it of you helped me,  by having a search of your own. 

If you can find any patterns that look like this, or at least are similar and could be altered, please link them either in the Weebly comments below or the Disqus comments to the side (The latter would be preferable). Anyone who helps, and has helped so far will get their name written or inscribed somewhere on the costume, as well as my eternal gratitude. So, please have a look, see if you can spot any patterns that I haven't. Many thanks! :D

08/21/2013 1:52am

Right...so what have you got so far?
Have you got the shoes? The Wig, the Cravat?
I hope the patterns I showed you before were kinda what you were looking for. As they are from the big 4 pattern makers you could be able to get them from a fabric/sewingshop that stocks the simplicity or burda patterns.
Also on ebay there is a UK seller selling some of the more hard to find over here patterns
The cravat I have seen a pattern for somewhere...just need to find it.

08/21/2013 7:28am

Ah, well - the cravat in the show is in fact different to the one in the pictured here. I'll try and find a picture of it and include it in the post today. I'll be compiling a list of the things I need to get, and where I've found them/could find them.


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