I's only day two and I've made a suitable amount of progress! As of yet, I have gathered information about what I'll be using for a number of processes as well as some research done into what sort of products I may use.
I've also decided to keep a Cosplay Journal, into which I'll make notes on what I need to do, sketch out ideas and keep track of things. I'll post any major pages on here. 
I also found on eBay a number of wigs I may use. However I've been unable to find one of exactly the right colour so far - but I'll keep looking! I also found online a way to achieve the cracked, aged look that the masks have, and the products I need to create that effect. 
Finally, I did some research on types of necktie, and managed to narrow down the type the Clockwork Robot wears. I found out that it was in fact a slightly thinner, altered version of a lace Jabot. But more about that at a later date.
Finally, I dug out my old Clockwork Robot action figure, so I could take a look at some of the elements of the Costume from angles I can't find online. Not in detail, of course - but enough to get a general idea.

Anyway - here are some scans of my Journal. Yes, I apologise for the almost illegible handwriting in some ares, but I was writing on my knee - and the book's cover isn't very flat - so my handwriting sort of went everywhere. If there's anything you want me to decipher - just comment below and I'll try to help! XD 


Also, sorry if there are any spelling errors in the journal. Some of it was just hurriedly noted down, and I was rather tired at the time. I can assure you, my handwriting and spelling aren't usually this atrocious! XD

07/25/2013 3:01pm

Good luck, Valeyard! I think this'll be great! A lot of detail and attention here.. :)

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