So... Here we are then, at the start of what I could very well describe as a journey. To get things started - an introduction. Basically, this diary/blog has two purposes:

1. To show the progress of my Cosplay.

2. To help keep me focused and on track. The thing about Cosplay is that it takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort. And I'm the kind of person who easily procrastinates and gets sidetracked. Hopefully this blog will help me keep on track, and not give up.

I'll try to make a post every day that I can, and try to at least make a little progress each day.

So far, I've looked at some images for reference (as well as ask some others to help me gather images) and looked online for some wigs, which as of yet has been unsucessful.

Anyway, until tomorrow!



07/24/2013 3:45pm

....uhhh...good luck, you will need it

07/24/2013 3:57pm

Best of luck!


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