Well... It's finally arrived! My pattern has finally arrived in the post! And it's fantastic, except for one small detail...
I have no idea where the size chart is.
You see, there is a size chart of some sort on the flap of the packet, but it seems to relate much more to choosing which size rage of pattern to choose, rather than fitting the pattern itself. 
Considering that the pattern contains trousers, and a hat... surely, if it related to fitting, it would include sizings for them as well?
Have I missed something? Is it missing from the pattern? Argh, I'm so confused. Also, when I actually have the measurements... that is, if I've found the pattern - how do I tell which measurements apply to which piece within the pattern? If I take, say - a chest measurement, how do I know which pieces I need that measurement for? Are they labelled? Is there an indicator of some kind? HELP! XD

Anyway, on a more positive note... I've abandoned the process I was using to make the mask. How is that positive, you may ask? Well... That comes down to why I abandoned it...
The reason being that I found a plain white mask to alter! And it's perfect!

Indeed, now I won't have to build up the shape of the face myself (which has a high risk of going wrong), and I can just build upon a plain face myself. The only issue I could face is that the mask is flexible - the moulding putty I'm using, however, is not. Therefore... if the putty dries and goes rock solid, and then the ask bends or flexes, the putty could snap or break off... So I may need to find either a way of reinforcing the mask or a more flexible putty. 

Anyway, I'm both confused, concerned and ecstatic... So... Here it goes then. It's all beginning to start falling into place... And I still have almost 3 months left. I actually think I'm going to do this! :D

(Here are pictures of the pattern packaging, the size chart on the flap...
As well as a picture of me...

In the mask. :P)
Anyway, if you have any answers to my questions, about both the Pattern or the Mask... Please answer in the comments either below with Weebly or in the Blog Sidebar with Disqus! Many thanks! :D

09/02/2013 1:26am

Ok....so its the same format as ladies pattern...I shall do you a tutorial....please be patient as I won't have time till end of the week.
But this (and the whole series may help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=984XMmBAhoE)


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