Right - well I've decided that I need to compile a list of things I'll need to buy, just so I can organise myself more adequately. As I buy things I'll re-post the list, until I've bought everything that I need to. If anyone can help me find some of the things on the list, please feel free to post it in the comments below, to the side, or send it in via the contact form!
  • Dark Blue, Red, White and Gold Acryic Paints.
  • Ageing and Cracking Varnish.
  • (Possibly a Plain White Face Mask.)
  • Dark Grey Curly Wig
Coat and Waistcoat:
  • Jacket Sewing Pattern.
  • Wasitcoat Sewing Pattern.
  • Dark Blue/Black Fabric.
  • Thick Gold Braid.
  • Thin Gold/Red Braids.
  • 26+ Large Gold Buttons.
  • Lesser amount of slightly smaller gold buttons for Waistcoat.
  • Red Fabric for sleeves. 
Trousers, Stockings and Shoes:
  • Short 18th Century Style Black Velvet Trousers OR 18th Century Trousers Sewing Pattern + Black Velvet Material.
  • White 18th Century Stockings.
  • Gold Braid for Top of Stockings.
  • Black Leather 18th Century style shoes with Circular Buckles and large(ish) tongues.
  • Lace Material.
  • White fabric to tie round neck.
Also, I think I may have to re-do, or have to at least build upon the mask - as it is neither the right size nor shape to be faithful to the mask in the show. Anyway, apart from that, I have nothing to say. Apart from once again saying: If you can find anything I can use for this project, please either post it in the comments below, the comments to the right, or send it in via the Contact Form on the Contact page. Many thanks! 

08/22/2013 3:57am

This might be useful resource for tying cravat/stock
Its close to the right era.


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