Not only have I decided to make the coat from scratch, but I've now decided to make the mask from scratch as well. So, rather than build on top of an already made plastic or paper mache base, I'll make the base myself. "How?", I hear you ask... Well...

I started out by roughly measuring the size of my face, from my chin to my hairline, and drew out the rough size and shape on a piece of A4 Paper. After scanning it in, and fitting the image to an A4 page on Word, I inserted a picture of the Mask I was basing mine off, and sized it to fit over my face. I printed it off, and drew around it onto cardboard. From there, I added other, vertical cardboard at the top to give it the initial shape, and worked from there, building up the basic shape with scrunched up newspaper, sticking it down and making the surface smooth with sellotape . Tomorrow, after finishing building up the shape, I will cover it in clingfilm, and layer paper mache over the top, until it is stable.

The rest of the process... I shall cover later. I mean, I want to have something to talk about tomorrow! XD

Also, it seems that yesterday some people misunderstood my request. I was not asking for a coat to be found, but in fact a sewing pattern that could be used to make a coat. Sorry of anyone misunderstood or was confused by my intentions. However, if you still wish to help me, you could still look for sewing patterns. Any help at all, as I said yesterday - would be much appreciated! 

08/21/2013 3:25am

Sounds interesting (I'm making a hat with felt and gummed brown paper at the moment.)
Look forward to seeing the results.


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