Recently, I've felt that my ability is... slipping slightly, mainly due to not practicing enough. One of the toughest things I find is getting drawings of people to... actually look like the person I'm drawing. I can draw still life, I can paint... but ask me to draw someone and expect it to look like them? I will back away from you slowly, throw a pencil at your head to disorientate and distract you, then run off.

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration there, but drawing people is still something I worry about, and considering next year I'm going into GSCE, and Taking Art as one of my courses - it's a skill I will need to brush up on sooner rather than later. 

Recently, I've been clearing out my room, so I can have it re-plastered, painted. Well, so I can basically have everything re-done. I happened to come across a practically empty sketchbook, along with a very convenient 2B Pencil, and on a whim (this was about an hour ago) I decided to do a drawing of a person. Any person. Just to see if I can get the likeness. 

So I looked through my iPod photo album, and happened upon a still of Amy from The Angels Take Manhattan. It's a lovely angled shot, and also features her holding a book, which sets me the challenge of drawing her hands as well... *Readies pencil and begins backing away* 

So, I sat down, and started drawing. It looked a bit odd at first, and I almost gave up when... I realised - it actually looked like her! I'd actually managed to get a likeness, or at least a bit of a likeness! 

Jubilation aside, I decided not to add too much detail to the picture, to keep it simple, which in my opinion was effective. I guess I could add detail if I wanted, but I think I like it how it is. I also added a quote, just to act as your daily dosage of feels. >:-D

So, here it is! :D
In addition, I've decided, to help prepare myself for the GSCE - to paint a large canvas painting. Of course, I couldn't just chose anything... so I chose one of the shots that is, in my opinion - one of the most beautiful shots in the show ever (coincidentally from my favourite episode, Vincent and The Doctor) - It'll give me a good chance to practice getting the likeness, as well as honing my skills in light and shade, as well as... well... canvas painting itself.

The still I'm going to be working from is this one: 
So, there you have it! Feedback and response in the comments would be really appreciated, either in the Weebly Comments below or the Disqus in the Blog Sidebar! Also, any ideas as to what I could draw next?
Many thanks! :D 
~The Valeyard's Mime Army
Well, here it is! Finally! This drawing was based of a concept for an alien, by DWTV User TheSeaDevil - called The Sleep Walker. His description was posted in the Comments of Doctor Who TV a while ago, and I just couldn't resist taking a crack at drawing it! The end result? See for yourself! 
Anyway, here's the original description he gave, which I worked from!

"So, they're quite small (I'd say about 4 foot), humanoid figures, that are slightly transparent and pale grey. They don't have many facial features, and their bodies are pale grey, a bit like one of the ghosts from Army of Ghosts, but smaller, and little bit fatter. They do have facial features, though. They have large, round, lava like eyes which are always visible, and are not slightly transparent, like the rest of the grey body. Also, if it comes near you and is preparing to feed on you, a mouth will open from the bottom of it's face, and the jaw line stretches across the head a little bit, so when it opens, the top of the head jerks slightly backwards. It's a large mouth with fangs but 'behind the mouth' there is still transparent grey, because it doesn't feed with it's mouth. This is just to scare it's prey. Their origins are pretty much unknown, because like the Weeping Angels, how would they reproduce? They could just be 'shadows' from the 'dark times' that got scattered through the universe.Now then, how does it feed, I hear you ask? Well, this is the interesting bit. If one approaches you to feed on you, it will run at you, gnarl it's fangs a little bit, then literally run inside you. This puts you into a temporary coma, while it's inside you at least. While it's inside you, it will 'feed' from memories in your brain. Like a bee collecting nectar from a flower. These creatures need to feed on memories to keep them in the 'real world'. If they have memories linked to another person in their systems, then that 'anchors' them to the real world. So, after leaving a victim, it leaves the victim in a coma, because it can't risk the victim from doing anything that would sever the link between them. But of course, when the creature feeds on it's next 'victim', the link is broken between the creature and the previous victim, and the previous victim 'dies', because the link between them and the creature was the only keeping them 'alive'. So, in short, these creatures feed on the memories of other beings, and they rely on this food to keep them in the world because they are, basically, just 'ghosts', being kept in the world because they go from victim to victim like stepping stones in a lake. Oh, and they can walk through walls, like they walk into victims, because they're only 'half there' in the world. Just thought I'd add that...

Now then, weaknesses. These guys sound pretty impossible to beat, don't they? Gun won't work, knife wont work. Because they're only 'half there', the bullet or blade would just go right through them, like they walk through walls. So what do you do? Well, here comes the twist. Kill the current 'victim' that one of the creatures is anchored too, and the link breaks completely. They are left without anything anchoring them to the real world, and fade within a matter of seconds. This would bring along many moral dilemmas in the story. Kill your friend, or eventually, be killed?

And finally, the name. These creatures walk from person to person, practically putting them to 'sleep'. So I have come to a conclusion for the name of the species: Sleep Walkers"



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